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Is that a shape of fear or rebirth?

Terry Renda’s point of view


Apparently the quarantine is over. However what if the forms around us recall the form of what has changed our lives? Is it a curse or a warning? Where is the right key to reading this mocking nature?

The Italian and young photographer Terry Renda observed the biodiversity around her house recognizing the image that the media have re-proposed for weeks and reflecting on what consequences it has brought to her life and her work.

Milan, September 2019

I moved in Milan for a new beginning but my stay there didn’t last long, just a few months. I returned to my city of residence, Lucca, in March 2020. The idea was to spend there just a week, in order to do a quick seasonal change.

The unusual enemy called Covid-19 that has invaded and progressively changed our lives has not allowed me to be able to return to Milan. In an initial phase, I underestimated everything, believing that nothing would change my plans, my habits, what had recently become my new routine.

Suddenly, it was as all the efforts of the last few months for my new challenge had been swept away by an invisible monster. I continued to do photos but in a new place. What excited me most was sharing and doing photographic experiments by thinking: ” if ideas travel along multiple tracks they certainly strengthen their power”.
The new dimension we had to face up to made me reflect on how important the relation with the world outside is.

During the most recent months I have especially re-evaluated my priorities and acquired a different point of view about the world. I observed what surrounds me: the scents, the colors, the beauty of nature that seems to have benefited from our forced lethargy.

Lattuce By Terry Renda

And then, suddenly, what a strange thing!
So many forms of flowers, plants, small animals, gave me back a kind of metamorphosis of that damned virus. As if by now his microscopic image had consolidated well in my mind.
Then I started experimenting and using what nature offered to me, I tried to make visible what is transparent and not perceptible to our eyes but still constantly present.
Hence I have a question: which is a constant present to be protected from?

Flower By Terry Renda

We cannot start living our lives again as we did before the quarantine. We are entering a new dimension. After more than two months at home, I decided to go outside a few days ago and I felt like Alice in Wonderland.
The point is there were just a few beautiful things around me.
Therefore I felt I had to deeply understand and respect new rules, I perceived people around me with a different aspects, the world where I found myself is now something stranger.

What is nature trying to tell us? Each new aspect will be a beginning to create and describe our new life in this complex ecosystem.

Here is a reminder: each single action affects the whole community.

Pink flowers and leaves
Pink and yellow flowers By Terry Renda

Terry Renda
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