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Vladimira’s Quarantine

In these times, during our current global crisis, what’s changing? I asked to the artists I collaborated with to offer us their point of view about these times.
I am glad to offer to you the following text: a reflection by the photographer Vladimira Kotra, author of CHIMERA photo book.

The photos result of a combination of mobil phone and camera shoots.
They are part of a photo diary, one of her days… one afternoon in a beautiful secret place found accidentally.

Take your time, read slowly, enjoy her words and her photos.

10th March 2020, Prague

Prague Forest

Life is one big adventure and it is a virtue to see it this way even in times that may seem challenging.

In January, I turned 30 and I realized that this was the ideal time to fulfill my dream. So I decided to travel to Ecuador at the end of March and to spend three months mainly in the rainforest there. Not as a tourist, but to take part, to work, to help where it is needed. I was looking forward to it like never before, but as with all the people around the world, covid-19 pushed that plan indefinitely.

According to me, this time is about self-reflection. My life is suddenly full of changes, sometimes almost miracles, the effects of which I’m still unable to fully grasp. While we’re physically much further apart, we’re closer spiritually. I’m one of those who believe in the prevalence of positive changes that are happening due to the pandemic. Spirituality was lacking in the materialistic 20-th century society.

We forgot to nurture our intuition, develop a relationship with nature, love for our family and for ourselves. Often we let us be convinced that happiness is about having an expensive car, a house with a swimming pool, pay raise every year, being promiscuous and call it love, having celebrities as friends and also X likes per day. We learned to quench sorrow with buying things that we don’t need and to brag about it. We’re withered.

So we elect psychopaths with no conscience as our leaders. They make us into a brainless herd instead of supporting us and fostering the good. If we look deep into ourselves, we know very well this isn’t us, it’s just a role we took on in this world. Deep inside, we crave about other things. Big part of our bad behavior is caused by the scars we all bear, very often for most of our lives. From generation to generation we pass on our fears, anguish and shortcomings.

It’s not easy to look at ourselves objectively but the most difficult part is being able to change. What good is the feeling of pride and victory above others when we’re unable to have power over ourselves and our destructive tendencies?
We know what is true love only from fairytales. We forgot, or maybe we never knew, to trust ourselves and our abilities, for which it is hopefully not too late to develop.  

Those who have already touched the real truth, wisdom and love don’t need to persuade others with proof. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time for us to understand that and our rational part. Despite that, I wish that we would all use this time to self-reflect on who we are, who we want to be and why. And finally, to laugh at it from the heart.

If I had to say what I miss the most, in these times…

It is the hugging, that wonderful feeling of interweaving of energies with people that I like. Although the video calls are able to transfer us visually, the feeling of a personal encounter is irreplaceable and I’m glad that it’s one of many things that we were able to realize.



Vladimira Kotra

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